Laser Annealing System for Semiconductors

Laser Annealing Systemfor Semiconductors
Laser Annealing System for Semiconductors

Due to the increasing complexity of semiconductor device structures, there is a growing demand for heat-treatment processes that target the local surface layer of the device. Our Laser Annealing system meets such demands, which are now mainly used for the mass production of high-performance image sensors. We are also engaging in R&D activities in order to expand the application of our system.


Activation test results example
Distribution of B and P concentrations in the depth direction by SIMS and STR

Simultaneous shallow and deep areas activation
(Ion implantation condition: P/750 keV, B/40 keV)

Only deep-area activation
(Ion implantation condition: P/3 MeV)

Sales Records

We have sold the system used for an activation process to a semiconductor manufacturing company.

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