Laser Lift-Off System

Compatible with Flexible Panels (G6 Half size)Laser Lift-Off System
Laser Lift-Off System YIELDSCAN LLO

Flexible displays have excellent advantages as thin and light, bendable and unbreakable. The Laser Lift-Off (LLO) system detaches a flexible display from a carrier glass substrate without applying stress to it. We select a UV laser of short wavelength that can be absorbed at the only surface of debonding layer, so that laser irradiation cannot affect flexible display.


*1 Depends on the overlap rate of the line beam used by the customer.
*2 Process judgment is made with deep learning, so the customer is required to provide the pictures of their panel after LLO.
*3 Compatible with flexible panels (G6 half size).

Sales Records

Delivered to display companies in Japan, South Korea and China, etc. for mass-production system.


Excimer Laser DPSS Laser
Substrate size [mm] 1500 x 925 1500 x 925
Laser wavelength [nm] 308 343
Power [W] 600 800
Beam size / LA x SA [mm] 750 x 0.35 750 x 0.03
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