Micro Laser Annealing System

Micro Laser Annealing System
Micro Laser Annealing System

The Micro Laser Annealing (µLA) system irradiates a microbeam controlled area by a mask pattern to a specific position on the substrate. With the µLA system, thin films of minute area in the micro-meter order can be crystallized, activated, made highly dielectric, etc. without affecting the base substrate with heat.


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It is used in semiconductor mass-production factories.


Workpiece size 6 inch, 8 inch
Positioning accuracy ±5 µm
Laser Wavelength 248 nm
Pulse width 20 ns
Power 30 W
Process throughput 3 min / wafer (6 inch)
Irradiation Mask Projection, Top flat beam
Min Sq 10 µm / Max Sq 2.4 mm
Several pattern on 9 inch Mask
System dimensions W 3200 x D 4000 x H 2500
(With automatic wafer handling)
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